Jamey Jasta played Cerebellion’s “Thin Ice” from Regeneration on episode 396 of The Jasta Show Podcast, which was made available on October 24th. Jamey typically releases two to three podcasts per week which consist of interviews with major artists/players from the metal and hardcore genres, and funny show segments such as “yours is, ours is,” in which Jamey listens to fan-submitted accusations of possible stolen guitar riffs. Jasta compares the riffs and decides if he thinks it was actually lifed or not and sentences guilty bands to buying the other band a sandwich. Once a month, Jamey releases a music episode, in which he plays DJ and spins mostly new tracks by his favorite bands and some fan requested cuts. He also likes to play one unsigned artist. Well, this month that artist was Cerebellion. It was a thrill for us to be a part this episode! Please check it out here: