Greetings from Eck’s Studio in sunny Corona, CA. We wanted to give all of you a brief update on where we are at with recording “Regeneration” thus far. As of right now drums and bass have both been completed. Jimmy came in and in usual fashion destroyed each song with pinpoint accuracy. We are all convinced he is not human and is some sort of master drum being from another planet. Bass went smoothly as well with Marc laying down some heavy grooves and some bowel shaking lows. We may need to place one of those Olestra warnings on the album “May cause loose stools.” The guitars are about 90% complete. John has been busy putting down more delicious layers than the finest of cakes and he just has to add the icing (leads). As for vocals, Joe Arnold, who recently rejoined Cerebellion, is scheduled to start recording early next week which keeps us on time for delivering the final product in Fall. Check out the below videos and images from recording so far. Additional images can be found in the Gallery page.

Eck Studio - Day 1

Eck Studio – Day 1


Eck Studio – Bass Day


Eck Studio – Laying Down the Geetar


Eck Studio – Where the magic comes together