Vegas Vacation

No I’m not talking about the Chevy Chase movie but rather the music movement known as Cerebellion’s arrival to Sin City last weekend, December 17th-18th. This was our first out-of-state show and we are amazed at the incredible response we received. The first night at the Dive Bar we were able to grab the crowd’s attention with a brutal set.

The Second night at the Cheyenne Saloon had an awesome staff with great sound at the venue. The Cheyenne show was definitely the highlight of the weekend. We got to give our all on stage and play the music we love for a completely new audience. Well mostly new, as we have some amazing friends and family who joined us for the short trip. We decided on the spot, we will definitely be returning to Cheyenne in the future. Ultimately this is just another step in our efforts to branch out and bring the Cerebellion to everyone who is willing to listen!