We would like to take a moment to pay tribute to Jimmy “the Rev” Sullivan, the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold and lead singer/keyboardist of Pinkly Smooth.

“I remember the first time I was introduced to Avenged Sevenfold. It was late 2000 and I was living in Huntington Beach. A friend of mine had gone to Huntington Beach High with a couple of the members of the A7X. He brought their first CD over to my place and played it. I remember thinking, “Geez, these guys really have their shit together.”…A few months or so later, we did a show with Pinkly Smooth in Newport Beach. We were told it was their first show ever. They opened the show and we played second, directly after them. We had no idea who they were until a friend of ours told us later that night that Jimmy and Synyster Gates were from Avenged. What we did know was that we had just seen one of the best local acts we’d ever seen and we had to follow them …and that was a hell of a task.  It was after this show that I really got into Pinkly Smooth and Avenged Sevenfold…About a year later, I ran into Jimmy and spoke with him at a bar in my hometown, Westminster (which neighbors Huntington Bch.). He was a really nice, down-to-earth guy. At the time, he was really excited about having just come off tour with Shadows Fall and having played shows with idols, Blind Guardian. He was also really pumped about their next release, “Waking the Fallen.” – Joe

Jimmy was a musical giant. Avenged Sevenfold and Pinkly Smooth are pure musical bands who express themselves freely through their art. We have always been able to connect with music created in this fashion and I view Jimmy as a true artist. He was a gifted musician and we are all lucky that he  shared that gift with us. Our thoughts go out to all of those closest to him.

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