Music Video, NAMM and More!

Kerry King and Joe

Hey Folks! Last weekend was a big one for Cerebellion. We shot our first video for our to-be announced first single from “Inalienable.” It went really well and we’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes footage this week! The video will be premiered first to Cerebellion email list subscribers, so sign up to the email list at

Also, I (Joe) went to the NAMM show (national association of music merchants) at the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday and Sunday. I met Kerry King and Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Vinnie Paul (Hellyeah/Pantera), Tom Maxwell and Bobzilla (Hellyeah), Vinnie Appice (Heaven and Hell/ Dio), Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne), Gene Hoglan (Deathklok/ Death/ Strapping Young Lad), Brent Hinds, Troy Sanders, and Bill Kelliher (Mastodon), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), and Brian Slagel (owner of Metal Blade Records). All of them were super cool and give metal musicians a good name. Check out my pics!”

Lastly,  this past week Cerebellion has been nominated for the New Music Seminar Artists On the Verge Top 100.  From over one million American artists, the New Music Seminar selected only 344 nominees and Cerebellion is one of them. From this list NMS carefully selects the top 100 artists and this list will be announced before the Grammys and publicized everywhere.

[flagallery gid=5 name=”Cerebellion (Joe) at NAMM 2011″]

Music Video Exclusive Premiere

Hello All, we have some exciting news that we wanted to share. Cerebellion will be shooting its first Music Video this Saturday, January 15th. This will be our first video single with a tentative release date in February. We have enlisted the help of a talented film crew to bring the music visually to life. Some great ideas were thrown around during pre-production so we can’t wait to shoot and get the finished product.

For all of you who have already joined the Cerebellion, we will be sending you an exclusive link to be the first ones to view the brand new video in early February. If you have not yet requested to be a part of the Cerebellion then we encourage you to do so below. We also give you 4 free downloads from the album in return. Keep in touch for more shows, info and other exciting events coming your way this year. Spread the Cerebellion!