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Studio Update/Joe Back in the Band

Greetings from Eck’s Studio in sunny Corona, CA. We wanted to give all of you a brief update on where we are at with recording “Regeneration” thus far. As of right now drums and bass have both been completed. Jimmy came in and in usual fashion destroyed each song with pinpoint accuracy. We are all convinced he is not human and is some sort of master drum being from another planet. Bass went smoothly as well with Marc laying down some heavy grooves and some bowel shaking lows. We may need to place one of those Olestra warnings on the album “May cause loose stools.” The guitars are about 90% complete. John has been busy putting down more delicious layers than the finest of cakes and he just has to add the icing (leads). As for vocals, Joe Arnold, who recently rejoined Cerebellion, is scheduled to start recording early next week which keeps us on time for delivering the final product in Fall. Check out the below videos and images from recording so far. Additional images can be found in the Gallery page.

Eck Studio - Day 1

Eck Studio – Day 1


Eck Studio – Bass Day


Eck Studio – Laying Down the Geetar


Eck Studio – Where the magic comes together

Cover Art and Album Title Revealed

We are pleased to release one of the many components to our upcoming album Regeneration. After 2012, we were faced with decisions that would alter the course of our music and lives, but the desire and need to create was greater than the pieces pulling us away. As a band we feel Regeneration contains our best work to date and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Continue to follow us as we hit the studio to begin recording this week. We anticipate to have a completed album released in Fall 2014. We thank you for the continued support and for spreading the Cerebellion.

Bass Monologues Pt.3 – Don’t Harsh My Bass

Bass Monolouges Pt.2 – Flubtastic



Fucking April….So it’s fucking April already and we have been and continue to be working like crazy to reach our goal of releasing the new album and playing live again. It seems like every time we blink a new month is starting. We are still in the pre-production stages of the EP and so far everything is coming together nicely. We’re extremely excited about the way our new material is coming out, and in true Cerebellion form it is all over the map. We even have a short clip (emphasis on short) of new material in the works, see below. In addition to the music, the album title has been decided and new artwork is currently being created. As always, we want to thank you again for sticking with us and spreading the Cerebellion to everyone you know. As a display of that gratitude, we are currently giving away FREE STICKER PACKS to anyone that orders them on our online store here:

Your friendly local neighborhood Cerebellion.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Ah, the first CEREBELLION update of 2013! Where do we begin…well first and foremost we want to thank each and every one of you for reading our news updates, posting on our Facebook page, listening to the music, participating in our mailing list and just all around sticking with us and believing in us. We know the many changes we announced last year came as a great surprise to everyone, including us. It’s not always easy adapting to change but we have our heads down and we’re focused on producing new music. The material is flowing and our goal is to RELEASE A NEW EP IN LATE SPRING/EARLY SUMMER this year. We hope this is as exciting for all of you to read as it is for us to announce. Over the course of the next 6 months we will be working on wrapping up the writing process, recording and getting all our art ready for the next release.

From this point forward we will be emailing everyone on the mailing list once a month with studio updates. Again, thank you for all your support, stop by Facebook anytime to chat with us, and we are looking forward to an amazing year in 2013!

Also for your viewing pleasure, Rude Boy Picture, the creators of the “Just Under the Surface” Video, created this alternate version using the performance footage only, which came out pretty rad as well. Check it out here:

Also if you have not heard it yet, check out last year’s single “A Better Version”


Today we close out another year and we wanted to take a minute to update all of our friends on the happenings at Camp Cerebellion. Right now we are focusing hard on writing new music. It’s our goal to come out swinging next year with some awesome new music, followed by a serious schedule of live shows. In current news, we have joined Instagram to better share some of the visual happenings so make sure to follow us to check out what we are doing via pictures. Lastly we want to thank all of you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing all of you next year as we continue to create a true CEREBELLION.


This week our new single “A Better Version” is being featured on’s homepage.

“A Better Version” Now Available on iTunes

Cerebellion’s new single “A Better Version” is now available at your favorite online music retailers like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and others. For those of you that use iTunes as your source of new music, don’t forget to leave a comment and rank the song to show your support for the Cerebellion. GET IT HERE